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What is Zydeco?

Curly Taylor

Geno Delafose

Thanks to Carol Spellman for creating this this video. Geno Delafose tells us about his zydeco music.

Geno's web site has an interesting page on the Pioneers of Zydeco

Zydeco Music

A brief historical geography with web links and recommended readings. Written and compiled by Robert Kuhlken Central Washington University.

Sesame Street

Sesame Street says It's zydeco. Is it really? What do you think?


Rounder Records

Not too long ago, when I first was learning to dance I wanted to know more about the background of zydeco. I found this introduction interesting and helpful. I hope you do too. (bw)

Scott Billington, Vice President, A&R, Rounder Records has generously allowed me to share his notes with you.

Introduction to Classic Zydeco cd from Rounder.

Terrance Simien

Great zydeco web site.

Creole for Kidz and the History of Zydeco

Cascade Zydeco

Zydeco is a blues sub genre and the dance music of the French speaking Louisiana Creoles of the state's southwest region. Zydeco instrumentation centers around the accordion and a frottoir - a rubboard or washboard worn like a vest. The frottoir is played with a spoon or forks and is used to provide rhythm and a distinctive sound. The roots of Zydeco are found in "jur", a form of hand clapping and foot stomping used by the field hands to pray and give thanks.

By the turn of the century, when instruments became available, many of the jur songs had adopted secular themes. This music was called La La or la musicque Creole. By World War II, Creoles became influenced by the rhythm and blues and jazz that was heard on radios and juke boxes. The gumbo of rural La La, rhythm and blues and Caribbean influences gave birth to the genre the world enjoys as Zydeco.

Zydeco is a partner dance and, although its roots are in Louisiana, Zydeco dance halls can be found from coast to coast and abroad.

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