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Volunteers Needed

What you can do to help

Volunteer Coordinator: this position is currently open. Please contact a board member if you would like to apply for this volunteer position.

  1. Become a Board Member
  2. Do you go to other dance events, restaurants, colleges, or community events around town where you could pass out CZ fliers?
  3. Do you like to write? If you have a contribution for the website or newsletter contact Patty Kadel at cascadezydeco@gmail.com
  4. Do you know someone who is in the media? Could you help us to get publicity for our events?
  5. Band transportation: Do you live convenient to PDX and have a vehicle that can help haul band members and their instruments? Contact: Roland Jemerson rjtjmj123@msn.com
  6. We always need help at the door. Volunteer 15 minutes of your time to take the money and greet incoming dancers.
  7. Help put away tables and chairs, take down decorations, haul out equipment, sweep the floor. Consider it a pleasant post dance cool down. If you don't have to get up early the next day, we could use your help.
  8. Help haul the drum set from our storage to live dances
  9. Volunteer for a home stay for out-of-towners for dances and Blues Festival.
  10. Annual picnic planning
  11. Help post Cascade Zydeco events on Internet calendars Contact: Patty Kadel cascadezydeco@gmail.com

Get Involved, Get Connected